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Auckland Half Marathon Series … It Starts Here!

The Garmin Auckland Half Marathon Series is an exciting new four event summer long challenge for athletes of all abilities … and the Devonport Half Marathon is race one!

The series is made up of four superb events by Running Events; the Devonport Half Marathon, the Omaha Half Marathon, the Coatesville Half Marathon and the series finale at the Orewa Beach Half Marathon. Finishers in these events will earn points towards the series challenge competitions. Those in the half marathon have an additional incentive with special series bling up for grabs!

Note: See below for special rules concerning the 15k distance at the Devonport Half Marathon.

Series events are Devonport, Omaha, Coatesville and Orewa Beach.
21k & Classic (10k) Run & Walk + Kids Dash competitions
Events are perfectly spaced out from late Sep to April 2017.

Series Events

How It Works

Athletes will earn series points based on their finish amongst their gender and age group at each event. The Series Finale – the Orewa Beach Half Marathon – will award double points. When it all shakes out, our inaugural series champions will be crowned at the finale in April 2017.

Awards will be presented in the following points competitions:

  • Half Marathon Run Series
  • Half Marathon Competitive Walk Series
  • Classic Run Series
  • Classic Competitive Walk Series
  • Kids Dash Series

It’s not just about being at the pointy end though, for those who take on the ultimate challenge of the Half Marathon Series, there is an additional incentive. Every person who finishes the half marathon distance at any event will receive a special Half Marathon Series finisher medal (in addition to the standard race momento). For those with the staying power to finish all four, they will receive a special outer-medal when they finish the Series Finale which all of your other four medals will slot into. Its a fitting reward for an amazing achievement.

Special Rules for Devonport 15k
We understand that many competitors use the 15k distance at the Devonport Half Marathon as a warm-up for the half marathon at the Auckland Marathon. For many of them, the half at Auckland is their first time attempting the distance and so they would be reluctant to run the half marathon at Devonport. For you guys, we have a couple of special exemptions:

  • the 15k distance at the Devonport Half Marathon will contribute points to the Half Marathon Series with a load factor of 0.75. So the winner of the 21k in Devonport would score 100 Half Marathon Series points and the winner of the 15k will score 75 Half Marathon Series points.
  • for those chasing the ultimate goal of the Half Marathon Series Grand Slam – and special outer medal – a finish at the 15K at Devonport plus a finish at the Auckland Marathon half will qualify you for the Grand Slam in the same way as if you had finished the 21k in Devonport.
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