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The Third Race of the Auckland Half Marathon Series

The Coatesville Half Marathon course combines the 8km “classic” loop with a 13km out-and-back section along Ridge Road. The entire course is closed to traffic (*) making for a true (and very rare) running experience – the Coatesville Half Marathon is a road race, not a footpath fun run. The course has rolling hills – including our very own “Heartbreak Hill” as you run past Dotcom Mansion, flat sections and a long downhill run into the finish.

The beautiful and peaceful rural scenery, with views all the way to Sky Tower, will raise your spirits and the finish line, with New Zealand’s finest finisher medal awaiting you, is one to cherish.

* Whilst all roads are closed to normal traffic, we cannot guarantee the course will be completely traffic free. Residents, emergency vehicles and race support vehicles all may be on the course at various times during the event.

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0 am
Runners start at 7:30am sharp. Competitive walkers at 7:33am.
0 mins
Time Limit is 3 and a half hours so you have plenty of time to get around the course.
0 km
The classic half marathon distance and Race Three in the Auckland Half Marathon Series

Welcome to the third event in the Auckland Half Marathon Series, the ultimate rural run.

Course Description

Mahoenui & Ridge: 0 – 3km
The first 2km of the route will get your legs working and the blood pumping. After a flat start, the road rises gently to the entrance to Dotcom Mansion. From the gates of Dotcom Mansion, Mahoenui Valley Rd climbs towards Ridge Rd and this 600 metre long section is our very own ‘Heartbreak Hill’ – fortunately it arrives at just the right time with the legs warmed up but plenty of gas still in the tank.

Ridge Rd: 3 – 9 km
The rolling terrain on Ridge Road has plenty of gentle ups and downs with views back across the Dotcom Mansion estate on the right, and out to Sky Tower and the city on the left. At the junction with Glenmore Road, you leave the 8k Classic loop behind and cross over to the left side of the road for the out-and-back section to the end of Ridge Road. The rolling terrain along Ridge Road continues for the next 4 kilometres.

Turnaround: 9 – 12 km
The most challenging part of the course comes early enough that you can meet it head on and still have gas in the tank for the finish. It begins with a winding 1.5km descent from the top of Ridge Road down to the turnaround point close to the State Highway.

On the way down, you will pass milestones for the 9km marker. Keep the powder dry on the descent because after 500 metres on the flat, you turn around and do it all again in reverse. At least the stunning switchbacks and towering pine trees provide diversion and shade. The half way mark is now behind you and you are heading in the right direction for the finish.

The Ridge – Part Deux: 12 – 17 km
Back along Ridge Road, you will now have runners on both sides of the road so remember to keep to the left. The rollers continue throughout the 5km section, which also includes a diversion down the top part of Wake Road to make the course an accurate half marathon distance.

Glenmore: 17 – 21 km
The left turn onto Glenmore means two things: (1) you are on your way home; (2) after a slight rise, it is all downhill or flat from here! Cross over onto the right side of the road where – depending on your time – you may find yourself amongst Coatesville Classic walkers or runners. They’re a good bunch though and they’ll cheer you on your way. The downhill starts to kick in around 18km, gentle at first but getting steeper as you draw closer to the village. On the final section of Glenmore Road, you’ll be able to hear the sound of the finish line, but keep something in reserve as you still have a little way to go.

The Finish
Enter the Coatesville Pony Club Reserve with around 300 metres to go and follow the white gravel path under the shade trees. A second gate takes you into Coatesville Reserve where your finish line, medal and the cheers of the crowd await. You made it!

IAAF & AIMS Certified

Running Events is proud to say that the Mizuno Coatesville Half Marathon 21km course is IAAF and AIMS measured and certified.

Click here to view the official course measurement certificate.

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