About the Coatesville Half Marathon

Stunning rural running on Auckland’s doorstep.

Welcome to the Coatesville Half Marathon. The peaceful rural village of Coatesville, on the fringe of New Zealand’s largest city, is a tranquil oasis from the hustle and bustle of Auckland. Only 20 minutes north of the Harbour Bridge, you can enjoy the very best of New Zealand’s rural scenery on a traffic free course that offers stunning views all the way back to Sky Tower.

Event distances go from the superb, single lap, Half Marathon all the way down to a 2km kids’ dash, so there’s an option to suit everyone and no-one gets left out. All courses feature beautiful rural scenery on closed roads.

All finishers receive a beautiful finisher medal. A suitable reward for taking on the challenging course and distances offered.

The Coatesville Half Marathon is Race Three of the Shoe Science Auckland Half Marathon Series, a season-long challenge featuring five awesome events at five stunning locations. Accumulate points in the Half Marathon or Classic Series leading up to our season finale in April.


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In these uncertain times, Running Events are doing everything we possibly can to give us the best possible oppertunity to deliver the outstanding event experience our participants expect. The COVID-19 pandemic (and some crazy weather events) have taught us a great lesson … hope for the best, plan for the worst. To this end, we have developed a contingency plan which we believe covers all possible scenarios.
Important! From 06/10/2021 – and only during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where government advice is that the safety of our events is best served by only allowing COVID-19 vaccinated participants, we may require proof of vaccination as a condition of your participation. This is now included in our standard entry waiver. We strongly reccommend participants familiarlise themselves with this – and all of our terms and conditions – prior to entering.

For current event status, please see the [INFO] section below.


Half Marathon


8km Classic


4km Fun Run


2km Kids' Dash


Race Information

A comprehensive guide to the Coatesville Half Marathon.


Race Day: Sunday, 13 February 2022

Race Day
13 February 2022

Start Times

Half Marathon Start – 7:30am
8k Classic – 8:30am
4k Fun Run & Walk – 9:30am
Kids Dash – 10:30am

Race Guide

The Race Guide is a comprehensive document in PDF format which you can download and store on your smart device – or go old school and print it out. It contains a summary of all the important information to make sure you get the most out of your event experience.


Important Dates

Date Details
11 Oct 2021 Online registration opens.
21 Nov 2021 Super-Early entry rates expire.
19 Dec 2021 Earlybird entry rates expire.
16 Jan 2022 Last chance to claim free delivery of your race number.
06 Feb 2022 Family entry packages expire.
07 Feb 2022 Race Week entry rates apply.
12 Feb 2022 4-5pm: Pre-race registration at the event venue.
13 Feb 2022 Race Day!

Race Day Schedule

Time Details
6:00am Parking opens
6:00am Race-pack pick up and late entry (if available) opens
7:15am Half Marathon muster @ the start line, Mahoenui Valley Road
7:20am Half Marathon – compulsory race briefing
7:30am RACE START Half Marathon (Runners & Hybrids)
7:33am RACE START Half Marathon (Competitive Walk)
8:15am 8k Classic muster @ the start line, Mahoenui Valley Road
8:20am 8k Classic – compulsory race briefing
8:30am Car park & Glenmore Rd Access CLOSED
8:30am RACE START 8k Classic (Runners & Hybrids)
8:33am RACE START 8k Classic (Competitive Walk)
9:25am 4k Fun Run & Walk – Compulsory Race Briefing @ Start Line
9:30am RACE START 4k Fun Run & Walk
10:25am 2k Kids Dash – Compulsory Race Briefing @ Start Line
10:30am RACE START 2k Kids Dash
10:55am Last finishers (approx)
11:00am Awards ceremony and spot prizes
11:30am Close (approx)

Start Line Congestion

We don’t want anyone to feel as though they can’t participate in the event. If you’re worried about starting close to people, we’ll have the start line open for up to 15 minutes and you may start whenever you like in that period.  Please use this time to maintain social distancing if needed.  Your official time will not start until you cross the timing mats.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be readily available at the refueling station, registration, gear drop and waste stations areas. Please help yourself as often as needed.

Important!  Please do not attend if you:

  • are unwell
  • are a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
  • are waiting for a test result for COVID-19
  • are self-isolating.

Continue to practice good hygiene. This means:

  • Keeping 2 metres away from people you don’t know
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or coughing/sneezing into your elbow
  • Disposing of used tissues appropriately in a bin
  • Using the hand sanitiser located around the event site:
    • before eating or handling food
    • after using the toilet
    • after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose or wiping children’s noses
    • after touching public surfaces

You must scan the Covid QR Code upon entry to the event site. If you need to sign in manually, please see the team at the registration tent.

Everyone who registered at least five weeks prior to the event – by midnight on January 9th – should already have their race number. If you registered with an Auckland Half Marathon Series (AHMS) Series Pass, you will have received race numbers for all five events in the series – plus your free hoodie – by courier in November 2021. For those entering just the Coatesville event, your personalised race number will have arrived through the mail.

Keep your race number safe! Your race number includes your integrated, disposable timing tag on the back. Because of this, replacement bibs cost $10 – so don’t lose yours!

I Don’t Have My Race Number Yet!
If you registered after the postal deadline, you will need to collect your race number from the Registration tent at the race venue on race weekend. There are two opportunities to do this:

  • Pre-race registration: Saturday prior to the race, 4-5pm at the event venue.
  • Race-day registration opens at 6:00am. We advise those who still have to collect their race number to allow a little bit more time on race morning.

The Registration Tent is easy to find once you get the event venue. Just look for the green marquee with “REGISTRATION” written on it!

Important! Remember to bring your e-ticket. It makes things so much quicker on race day. A link to your e-ticket was sent to you by email when you registered.

Race Number

It is a requirement of your participation in the event that you wear your race number on the front of your shirt at all times whilst taking part. Your number should be secured to your shirt by a safety pin in each corner (if you don’t have any, come to the Registration desk on race morning). Your electronic timing tag is attached to the back of your race number so be careful not to crease, crush or puncture it.

Pimp Your Bib!
When you register, you will have the opportunity to select a nickname to print on your race number. Feel free to be creative – but please keep it clean folks! If you don’t select a nickname, your first name will be printed instead. If you prefer to fly under the radar – or you want to get creative with a sharpie – just put a full stop in the nickname field and we will leave it blank.

Important! Race numbers are printed in two batches. The first batch is sent to print approximately 5 weeks prior to the event and will include everyone registered in the event at that time. The second batch is sent to print 3-4 days before the event and includes everyone registered up to that time. Note that once your race number has been printed, it is no longer possible to change the printing. If you transfer your entry to another person and your race number has already been printed, your name will still appear on there.

Important! Please don’t lose your race number. Replacement numbers are $10.

Timing Tag

When you receive your race number, your electronic timing tag will be attached to the back. We are using disposable stick-on timing tags this year. We are sure you will appreciate the convenience of not having to attach a plastic tag to your shoes and then return it at the finish. All you have to remember is to secure your race number to the front of your shirt and you’re all set. Try to avoid holding your arm in front of the number as you cross the finish line (e.g. to turn off your watch) as this can sometimes affect the tag reading. Just wait until a few steps after the timing mat.

Important! There is no need to return your timing tag.

Important! Keep your race number with you when you finish as we will use it to register you in the prize draw for the Awards Ceremony – see below.

Finisher Medal

Everyone who finishes the Coatesville Half Marathon – irrespective of distance – will receive an exclusive commemorative medal. Here at Running Events, we take great pride in providing the best finisher medals in the country .. we are sure you will love and treasure yours!


The revTab is a self-adhesive plate which is delivered direct to your home approximately three weeks after your event with your name, distance and time engraved on it. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and immortalise your achievement. Where possible, our finisher medals have a recess on the back to fit your revTab insert.

revTabs are available for the following events:
– Tauranga Marathon
– Devonport Half Marathon
– Omaha Half Marathon
– Coatesville Half Marathon
– Maraetai Half Marathon
– Waterfront Half Marathon
– Auckland Half Marathon Series Grand Slam (will include all five of your half marathon finishing times in the series)
– Run Orewa
– Run The Point
– Run Devonport
– Run Albany

You can purchase a revTab when registering for your event. For individual events, they are $17.50 and for the Auckland Half Marathon Series Grand Slam, they are $19. The price includes delivery to your door. If you didn’t order one when you registered – but would like to do so now – you can do it via my.runningevents.co.nz up until race day. Just click on the LOGIN button at the top of the web site and follow the prompts from there.

Road Closures

To ensure the safe operation of the Coatesville Half Marathon event, road closures are in place throughout the entire field of play from 7am – 11am on the morning of the event. Running Events – and the participants themselves – are indebted to local residents for their patience, understanding and support  of the event and the safety of all concerned.

Below you will find a handy reference guide to the road closures and you can also download and print the PDF to post in your home or workplace so that as many people as possible are aware of the arrangements.

Roads affected; Mahoenui Valley Rd, Ridge Road, Glenmore Road Collings Drive, The Prom, Coatesville Heights, Lynton Masters Lane, Wake Road, Elmore Road, Brookdale Road.

Road Closure Map


The Coatesville Half Marathon attracts up to two thousand people to the area and most will arrive in private vehicles. It is a significant challenge to find convenient, safe parking for all and, with this in mind, we have created a simple guide to parking for the event and we encourage all competitors to read the notes below carefully.

Parking Map

What Time Should I Arrive?

Half Marathon / Park in Coatesville Pony Club. Aim to arrive between 6am and 7am. If you are still to register, go closer to 6am. If you have your race pack, you can go closer to 7am. Important! First light is approx 7:10am so you will be parking in the dark. Take care, drive slowly and obey the parking marshals. Consider bringing a torch for the short walk to the race venue.

8k Classic / Park in Coatesville Pony Club. Aim to arrive between 7am and 8am. If you are still to register, go closer to 7am. If you have your race pack, you can go closer to 8am. Important! First light is approx 7:10am so you might be parking in the dark. Take care, drive slowly and obey the parking marshals. Consider bringing a torch for the short walk to the race venue.

4k Fun Run & Walk / Your event starts at 9:30am so we recommend arriving between 8 and 8:30am and parking in Coatesville Pony Club. Access to this car park and Glenmore Rd will close at 8:30am sharp so if you arrive later than this, you will have to find your own parking in the area which will not be easy.

2k Kids Dash / The easiest parking for the kids’ dash is to arrive between 8 and 8:30am and park in Coatesville Pony Club. Soak up the atmosphere of the event and watch the start of the 8k and the muster for the 4k. Before you know it, it will be time to get ready for the dash. If you elect to arrive after 8:30am, you will have to find your own parking in the area. This will not be easy.

Spot Prizes & Merit Awards

The event will conclude with an Awards Ceremony where we will acknowledge some of the excellent performances on the day, as well as giving away thousands of dollars of spot prizes from our sponsors. The ceremony will take place on the main stage at the venue. See the Race Day Schedule for times.

Spot Prizes

We have many wonderful spot prizes to give away including vouchers for Mizuno shoe vouchers and the Garmin Forerunner GPS sports watch. The grand prize is a big screen TV. Remember – you must be present at the prize giving to claim your prize. Only those who scan their timing tags at the spot prize timing point will be eligible to win a prize. The prize draw timing point will be activated approximately 15-20 minutes before the ceremony – listen out for announcements. All you have to do is walk across the timing mat with your race number and you will be registered in the draw. Easy as!

Important! In the event of inclement weather, we may elect to cancel the Awards Ceremony. Listen out for announcements on the PA or check out our Facebook page. If this does happen, all prize winners will be announced on our Facebook page and prizes will be couriered out to them.

Merit Awards

Beautiful glass trophies will be awarded to:

  • Top 3 men and women overall in the following events …
    • Half Marathon Run,
    • Half Marathon Competitive Walk,
    • 8K Classic Run,
    • 8K Classic Competitive Walk
    • 4K Fun run & Walk
  • Top 3 boys and girls in the 2K Dash for …
    • Ages 7 & Under
    • Ages 8 & Over


IMPORTANT!!  In line with social distancing recommendations, we will not have pacers for the 2021/22 season sorry.

Thanks to the good guys at Metro Run and the Auckland YMCA club, we will have pacers available to help you reach you race goals. Our pacers will be wearing a black Run More tshirt or singlet and a hydration pack with their target time flag attached. Look out for the coloured flags during the pre-race safety briefing or at the finish line. When you find them – stick to them like glue! Right to the finish line!

Target Time Colour
1’30” White
1’40” Green
1’50” Blue
2’00” Red
2’10” Yellow
2’20” Orange (subject to availability)

Information For Walkers

Running Events welcome walkers in all of our events, irrespective of the distance. Walkers routinely make up around 15-20% of the total field. We take the needs of our walkers seriously and have made changes to how our events operate to allow walkers to be appropriately recognised and accommodated. The notes here will help you, as a walker, to get the most from the event and help familiarise you with our setup for walkers.

Important! In the spirit of fair competition, we ask that all competitors adhere strictly to the rules. Competitive Walkers must not run or jog at any time during the event and must maintain contact with the ground at all times.

Hybrid Walk/Run or Competitive Walk?
When registering for a race distance which includes a competitive walk prize, you will be prompted to identify yourself as Runner, Hybrid Run/Walk or Competitive Walker. If you plan to walk most of the way but want to have the option to jog or run at any point, you should select the hybrid option. If you intend to walk throughout the event and want to measure yourself against other walkers, you should choose the Competitive Walk option.

Important! Hybrid run/walk competitors should start on the same start horn as the runners. For the 21K and 10K distances, Competitive Walk participants should start on the dedicated walkers start which will be three minutes after the main field.

Are There Prizes?
Please see the Merit Awards section for details of prizes. To be eligible for awards, walkers must enter in the Competitive Walk category, start on the Competitive Walk start signal and must only walk during the event.

How Is the Walking Competition Judged?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide walking judges for our events. Therefore, we rely upon the integrity of those taking part to adhere to the rules of the walking competition and not run or jog at any time. In our experience over the years, we have found that the most common error in the walking competition is where people register as a competitive walker but decide to run on race day. We have worked around this issue by having a dedicated race start for walkers wherever there are Competitive Walk merit prizes at stake.

Important! We do not make judgement calls on disqualifications based on reports from other competitors. Unless advised otherwise by the competitor in question, we trust the integrity of our competitive walkers. In all cases, the Race Director’s decision shall be final.

Cut-Off Times

The official cut-off times are:
3.5 hrs for the Half-Marathon
2 hrs for the 8km Classic
1 hr for the 4km Fun Run & Walk

Marshals, aid stations, traffic management, signage, etc. – may all be removed from the course on a schedule equal to the course cut off pace. If you are unable to maintain the course cut off pace, you must be ready to stop participating and make your way back to the finish area. At your option, you may elect to continue and complete the course at your own volition. This means you must carry sufficient water and nutrition for your needs, be able to direct yourself around the course and observe and care for your own safety. Where the event has been taking place on closed roads, you must move onto the footpath – where one exists – or to the side of the road and continue as a pedestrian.

Running Events want to encourage all of our participants to make it to the finish line – no matter how long it takes. The above conditions notwithstanding, we are normally at the race site conducting the awards ceremony or packing up the site for at least an hour after the official close off. Provided you make yourself known to us when you finish – and confirm that you followed the correct course – we will be delighted to record your finish time in the official results and present you with your finisher medal.

Event Safety

It is compulsory for all participants to attend, listen to and heed the advice of the safety briefing. Above all else, however, please understand that no roads are closed during the event. You have sole responsibility for your own safety. Do not leave any pavement, cross any road, pass any driveway unless you deem it is safe for you to do so.

Please remind your own spectators that they should not attempt to accompany you in vehicles, bikes or otherwise. They must follow the normal rules of the road to reach vantage points.

Important! A copy of the approved Health & Safety plan is available from Running Events on request.

Course Safety

Remember that other a very small area near the start and finish of the event, all roads are open to the public at all times. Stick to the pavement where one exists and do not cross any intersection unless you have determined to your own satisfaction that it is safe to do so.

Please remember the golden rule … Always give way to vehicles. No matter who has right of way, vehicles always win.

Course & Venue Maps

Know where you’re going … then train to get there. Maps for all race distances and the event venue.

Half Marathon

The Coatesville Half Marathon course combines the 8km “classic” loop with a 13km out-and-back section along Ridge Road. The entire course is closed to traffic making for a true (and very rare) running experience – the Coatesville Half Marathon is a road race, not a footpath fun run. The course has rolling hills – including our very own “Heartbreak Hill” as you run past Dotcom Mansion, flat sections and a long downhill run into the finish.
Important! The half marathon course has been officially measured by an AIMS approved course measurer.

Half Marathon Course Map

8K Classic

The 8k Classic course has been a staple of local running for many years and was the course used for the original “Coatesville Fun Run” for almost twenty years from the late 80s. The official classic 8k differs only from the traditional “block run” with the addition of a short out-and-back section in Donaldson Drive to make the course an accurate 8k (what US and UK runners would refer to as a “five miler”).
Important! The 8K Classic course has been officially measured by an AIMS approved course measurer.

8k Course Map

4K Fun Run & Walk

So you always wanted to take on the Coatesville Half Marathon but Heartbreak Hill put you off? Now you have no excuse! The course for the 4k is almost entirely flat with a blast up closed Mahoenui Valley Rd to Dotcom Mansion, turn around and burn all the way back to the finish line!

4k Course Map

2km Kids’ Dash

Kids, start your engines for a two-lap, 2km blast! Kids start under the same big arch as the adults and follow a safe, traffic free couple of laps on Mahoenui Valley Road before turning into the reserve for the glorious sprint down the finish line!

2k Course Map

Venue Map

Coatesville Reserve and the venerable Coatesville Settlers Hall lie at the bottom of Mahoenui Valley Road in the heart of beautiful Coatesville. Check out the location of all the most important facilities – like toilets, toilets and toilets – so you know where to head on race morning.

Venue Map

Past Events

Results, photos, video and more from previous editions of the Coatesville Half Marathon




2020 VIDEO
2016 VIDEO
2015 VIDEO

Photo Gallery

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Single Race Registrations

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Series Pass Registrations

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  • If you ordered any merchandise with your registration, it will be available for collection from the Merchandise tent at the event venue during either the pre-race or race morning registration times. See the event web site INFO section for details.

Our MyLaps disposable timing tags are small stickers that can be found on the back of your race number.  The tag sends out a unique UHF signal that identifies you and records the exact time at which you passed the detection mats. The tags are designed to withstand rain, sweat and normal wear-and-tear – but please don’t fold or bend the bib as this can damage it.  All you need to do to make sure your result is properly recorded is to wear your race number on the front of your shirt throughout the event. The tag is disposable – you do not need to return it after the event.

Important! Keep hold of your race number after you finish. You will need it to register for the prize draw at the Awards Ceremony. Listen out for announcements.

Of course! We love walkers and all of our events are open to runners, joggers and walkers alike. Many of our events offer specific merit prizes, start times and rules for competitive walkers. Please check the event web site and you will find this information on the “Walkers” tab.

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